New Features in Omnibug 1.5

It's been a while since I've made a post here, but development on Omnibug has continued during my blogging hiatus! I wanted to recap all of the new features and bug fixes that have been made, including several community contributions that I've been very excited about. You can check out our change log for a full list of changes, but let's cover some of the new features here!

UX Updates

We've had a handful of UX updates as well, but I'm particularly excited about the new provider icons within the interface. This was a community developed feature, and John wrote an article about the experience on Medium.

Marketing pixels icons
Icons now show up for each of the providers

I recently released version 1.5.0 which included the ability to right-click on any of the data rows and either copy the value, or (un)highlight the row. It's the first step towards editing all the settings from within the Omnibug panel, instead of having to go back to a different settings page.

Right click on rows to copy or highlight the value.

New Providers

A full list of providers (marketing tools) can always be found on our GitHub repo, but since our 1.0 release, we've added several tag managers (Adobe DTM & Launch, Tealium iQ, Ensighten, and Google Tag Manager). We've also added other marketing tools such as mParticle, which was developed by the community. We're always looking to add more, so if you're a vendor or just an excited user and would like to help add your tool into Omnibug, please reach out to me.

Microsoft Edge Support

Okay, so this isn't quite ready yet, but Microsoft is changing the backend engine of Edge to use the Chromium (the same as Google Chrome). This means Omnibug will be supported in Edge soon! At the time of publishing this post, there hasn't been any firm timelines of when this will be rolled out to everyone. However, I'm working on getting a preview build to test Omnibug to ensure a smooth Edge release.

Thoughts, Questions, or Comments?

As I've mentioned before, I'd love to hear your thoughts, good or bad! If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions, please drop me a note! You can always find a link to this from the About overlay within Omnibug.