Omnibug Features

View & Understand Marketing Tools

Omnibug is a plugin for the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers to ease developing and debugging web metrics implementations. Each outgoing request (sent by the browser) is checked for a pattern; if a match occurs, the URL is displayed and decoded to show the details of the request.

Here are just a few of the marketing tools we support:

A comprehensive list can be found on our GitHub repo.
Omnibug in action
Filter requests
Filter requests

Filter Requests

No longer are the days of seeing requests you don't care about! Filter out requests based on a tab-by-tab basis, by account ID or by any selected providers.

Export Requests

Storing requests is critical in QA and debugging so you can understand when and how things break (and who to blame!) Omnibug let's you export all your requests that happened during a session, as well as adding notes to each request to make reviewing the export easier.

Exporting requests
Exporting requests