Omnibug is a powerful browser extension available for Firefox and various Chromium-based browsers to help simplify the implementation and debugging of digital marketing tools. Omnibug is actively maintained by Philip Lawrence, with valuable contributions from the analytics community. Best of all, Omnibug is 100% free and open-source, making it an invaluable resource for optimizing your digital marketing strategies.

Omnibug currently supports 57 different marketing tags. Learn more about the tags Omnibug supports.

Omnibug's History

Omnibug Released

Omnibug was released in July 2008 by Ross Simpson for Firefox. Omnibug was built as an extension to the then-widely popular Firefox add-on Firebug, as the Firefox developer tools did not exist at the time. It was originally built to debug Omniture SiteCatalyst, now Adobe Analytics, network calls. The name originates from these tools, "Omniture SiteCatalyst" and "Firebug".

New developments

The first closed beta of Omnibug for Chrome was launched!

Omnibug Meets Chrome

Omnibug was released in the Chrome Web Store, making Chrome the second browser to support the extension.

Transferred Ownership

Omnibug changed hands, transferring ownership of the project to Philip Lawrence, a frequent Omnibug contributor.

Omnibug v1.0

The largest update to Omnibug, v1.0, was released. This update included a unified codebase, an all-new UI, more providers, and new features such as filtering and exporting data.

New Milestone: 50k Active Users

Omnibug hit over 50,000 active users on Chrome and Firefox.

Omnibug Released for Edge

Microsoft's Edge browser switches from a proprietary codebase to using Chromium. Omnibug is now available on the Microsoft Add-On Store.

New Milestone: 100k Active Users

Omnibug hit over 100,000 active users on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Continued Development

Omnibug is actively being developed, adding new features and tags on a regular basis.