Permissions Required for Omnibug

Omnibug requires several permissions in order to work properly. Each browser will label these differently, but the main permission required is:

  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit - This allows us to inspect the requests you make across all websites, so we can identify providers that Omnibug supports.

Digging deeper, here is a full list of required permissions in the browsers:

  • tabs - allows us to understand which tab requests should be associated with, as well as providing the API to developer tools
  • storage - allows us to store options/settings
  • webRequest - allows us to inspect all requests made by the browser, so we can decide if we should parse it or not to ultimately show in the Omnibug interface
  • webNavigation - allows us to view when you've navigated from one page to another, so we can show "Navigated to ..." in the Omnibug interface
  • *://*/* - allows the extension to run on any page instead of a specific domain/set of pages

If you're ever in doubt of what we do with these permissions, you can always view the source directly to see for yourself what each permission is doing. You can also view our Privacy Policy for more information about your privacy in Omnibug.

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