Redirected Requests

It is common for providers to redirect entries to different domains to set various cookies or add parameters as required by their tools. Usually, these redirects happen via HTTP 3XX redirects and don't duplicate data on the back-end. Previously in in Omnibug, these showed up as separate line items without any indication that the redirected entries were the same as the original entries. In versions 1.0+ of Omnibug, an icon will appear to indicate an entry was redirected.

A request that has been redirected
An icon shows that request that has been redirected

Additionally, a warning banner will appear for each of the redirect entries to notify you that this entry was redirected and the data may not be complete.

Warning banner for a redirected entry
A warning banner shows that a request that has been redirected

If you desire, you can also completely hide redirected requests from the interface via the settings. Navigate to the extension settings and then uncheck "Show redirected entries"

The settings option for redirected entries
Unchecking this box will allow you to show only the final request made, not the original redirected entries

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