Omnibug Changelog

Congrats, you've successfully been updated to the latest version of Omnibug!


Minor update for Adobe Analytics

Bug Fixes:
  • The pattern for Adobe Analytics has been tightened up so that the b/ss must be in the path instead of anywhere in the URL
  • Fixed JS Version in Adobe Analytics
  • Updated NPM package to prevent a potential security vulnerability
New / Updated Features:
  • Added trackingServer for Adobe Analytics in the general section


New / Updated Features:
  • Added provider icons (these can be disabled in the settings if you prefer!)
  • Updates to DTM / Launch to show the environment / account in the accounts column.


New / Updated Features:
  • Added mParticle as a new provider. Big shout out to John Simmons for our first community-contributed provider!
  • Added Adobe Launch and Adobe DTM as new tag manager providers. These will only show the main library / JS loader, and not any additional files that may be loaded in after.


A Chrome only release to align with their developer policies.


A minor patch for settings issues

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an error settings attempting to pull in providers, but failing.


A hotfix for the filter panel error.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an error with how providers were loaded for the filter panel


A few minor bug fixes and UI tweaks, as well as Firefox support.

New / Updated Features:
  • Firefox support
  • Some backend changes to allow us to easily add new providers
  • New Tag Manager providers: TealiumIQ, Ensighten Manage, and Google Tag Manager. These will only show the main library / JS loader, and not any additional files that may be loaded in after.
Bug Fixes:
  • Adobe Audience Manager (specifically Experience Cloud ID Service) showed up under Adobe Analytics for certain requests, this has been fixed.
  • Adobe Target now shows POST requests properly
  • Universal Analytics product dimensions/metrics numbers were not showing their numbers in the friendly name
  • Minor UI tweaks/bug fixes


Minor backend changes for themes


Adding the highly requested dark mode.

New / Updated Features:
  • Dark mode and theme selection
Bug Fix:
  • Fix Adobe Analytics media module request type


A minor update to the Universal Analytics provider for beacons.

Bug Fix:
  • Fix beacon transport type for UA


Version 1.0.0 is the largest release in Omnibug history. While a long closed beta period occurred, there may be some minor bugs and styling issues. We appreciate your patience and ask that you continue to report any bugs or suggestions you may have!

New / Updated Features:
  • A new website to better support you! More help articles and tutorials will be added over the next few weeks.
  • All new styles in the devtools panel, as well as updated styling in the settings panel.
  • Added the ability to filter requests based on account ID, provider, or both.
  • You can now export data that have been captured.
  • Additionally, you can add notes to be included in the export. Note: This is disabled by default. learn more.
  • You can now choose if you want to persist or clear requests between pages.
  • Navigation requests (e.g. moving to a new page) will show up within the requests so you can easily see what requests belong to each page.
  • Added relevant tooltips and help links to various places in the interface.
  • A few new providers have been added. We're working hard on adding more (including updating some older ones that were removed with 1.0.0).
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed some cases where requests wouldn't show up.
  • Updated providers URLs to have fewer false positives.

You can find a full list of releases on our GitHub page.